Cary Knier Johannes offers “The Missing PEACE”

Cary Knier Johannes offers “The Missing PEACE”

The Missing PEACE

Can’t get away for a trip? Go on a spiritual journey instead!

Many of us are searching—searching for connection, for purpose, for peace. We feel stressed most of the time and despite having everything we need, we feel empty and alone. We are searching for ways to slow down, to quiet our thoughts, and to feel nourished. Join Cary Knier Johannes for a 4 week journey to discover this missing “peace”.

The Missing PEACE is a 4 week mini-retreat for committed people who struggle with stress, self-doubts and worries and want to find balance, feel confident, and lead more fulfilling, purposeful lives. This retreat will help you identify personal goals for your spiritual journey and teach you relaxation techniques to quiet your mind.

Where?  Bethel UCC (W4225 County Line Rd, Elkhart Lake)

When? Saturdays, October 15, 22, 29, November 12 (8-9:30am)

Cost? $40 (includes book and materials)


Cary Knier Johannes is a spiritual development coach/teacher, psychologist & Lay Academy graduate. Contact Cary by October 10 to reserve your spot. 920-980-8319;