Adult Education Classes

Currently looking for someone to lead the discussion group. 

Held at the same time as Sunday School, adult education is a time for parents and others to continue their faith journey. Books, current events, the Bible and other issues are discussed in a low key setting with lay people leading our discussion. The group typically picks a topic of interest that runs for several weeks and then we move on to something else. It is easy to come when you can and not feel left out if you miss a week or two.

Children's Ministries

A Children’s sermon is a fun part of each Sunday morning worship service, where the children come to the front of church to interact with Pastor Diane. With questions and answers and various props, the word of Jesus is learned and proclaimed, often in humorous ways.

Sunday School Classes range from preschool through 6th grade and are held at 8:45 AM each Sunday morning from Labor Day weekend through Memorial Day.  This year we will use the 'Hands On Bible' curriculum for both of our class groupings.


Confirmation at Bethel is a two year program usually done during a student’s 7th and 8th grade years. Completion of class and joining of church is done on Palm Sunday of the student’s second year of classes. The curriculum is currently “My Confirmation", A Guide for Confirmation Instruction. Students meet 3 times/month with Pastor and once a month with their mentor.   The goal of the classes is for youth to gain an understanding of the Bible, the Christian faith and the movements of the Holy Spirit in order to affirm and renew their faith.