Pictures of Some of the Raffle Prizes

Pictures of Some of the Prizes (Only items Highlighted in Blue have pics at this time)

Prize # _           _______________Descriptions_______________

2                 A Packers Bird feeder

3                A game of Dominos

6                 Kids outdoor fun basket

7                 Four tray dehydrator and Jerky Cure & Seasoning

11              Hand embroidered Pillow Cases

13              Snuffle Mat for large Dog

16              Hand-crafted Wooden Planter

19              Hand Painted Bottle (Floral design)

21              Two crocheted top Kitchen Towels

25              Candy Bar Bouquet

31              Penzey’s Spices

33              Snuffle Mat for cat, rabbit or small dog

34              Homemade soap basket

36              Weber Tool Set for grilling plus gift card

37              DeWalt drill/driver with batteries/drill bits

38              Ninja Juicer

39              Five Person Dome Tent with air mattress

40              Six hand crocheted covered hangers

41              Canva wall art with lights (winter scene-cabin/cardinals)

43              Golf toss game with targets

45              Handcrafted wooden garden bench

47              Handcrafted wooden window flower box

52              Bird feeder with bird seed

54              Twelve hand knitted dishcloths

55              Hand embroidered towels and dishcloth

59              Handcrafted afghan (Varigated Brown)

61              Snuffle Mat for cat, rabbit or small dog

63              Tuscany Candle warmer with 4 wax cubes

65              Basketball game by Majik with 2 balls and pump

67              Lizzy James Bracelet

68              Hand crocheted afghan (multi-colored)

71              Canva wall art with lights (winter scene-church/deer)

72              Handcrafted 3 tier wooden planter

73              Ten in one – 6 quart cooker by Bella

79              Hand Painted Bottle (Fruit design)

80              Hand Painted Bottle (Scenery design)