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Raffle 2021:

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Volleyball Schedule for 2021

Rural Church 4 Team Volleyball Schedule

Tournament will be at 12:00 Noon on August
8th hosted by St. James/St. Marks.

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         Church Directory Update

Just a reminder that the dates for getting your family pictures for our Church Directory will be on Monday and Tuesday, August 9th and 10th, from 2:00 to 8:30pm each day.  Each family will receive a free 8×10 and a picture in our church directory.  You will also be able to purchase other portraits, but this is not a requirement for getting your picture in the directory.

Remember, this is a great opportunity for a professional portrait and for our church to update our directory and have it ready for celebrating our 160th year in 2022.

Contact any one of us with questions.

Thank you.

Church Directory Committee:

Carol Roethel, Bonnie Ziegler, Mary Johnston, Judy Zimmermann, Faye Spindler and Carol Matzdorf

   Biography for Pastor Diane Cayemberg


Chili Suppers at Bethel have been postponed until it is safe to continue.

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